2. Grounded, West Village

Another community-based coffee and tea house, West Village’s Grounded is far from a “well-polished” coffee shop. Yelpers describe the space as “ruggish,” artsy and homey. That’s because it’s decorated with a variety of seating options (from benches to couches and barstools), paintings, lamps and a ton of plants.

Like many of the other coffee shops on this list, there is also a bookshelf for anyone looking to cozy up with a good read. The skylight is an additional plus for this location. Address: 28 Jane St.

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One thought on “10 of NYC’s Coziest Coffee Shops for the Winter

  1. “If you’re in the mood to socialize, the coffee shop also offers conservation cards that you can place on your table to help initiate conversation with other friendly patrons.”

    So the conservation cards conserve conversation?

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