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Here’s what the Untapped Staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • The Landmark Sunshine Cinema Closes Jan. 21 [EV Grieve]: The Sunshine moved up “Dog Day Afternoon” one weekend, and the Al Pacino classic will play alongside “Super Fly” as the theater’s last midnight movies on Jan. 19-20.
  • A ‘futuristic vision for Harlem’ [CurbedNY]: Imagine standing at 116th Street and Morningside Drive and looking out at the great sweep of Harlem spreading forth below you. Everywhere you turn there are “cultural centers… concert halls, theatres, workshops… dancing pavilions, and athletic fields….” Instead of dilapidated brownstones, there are “pathways for strolling under trees” and “contemporary sculpture” enriching the open spaces.
  • GERMANY: ONKEL TOMS HÜTTE – COLORFUL INTERWAR MODERNISM IN BERLIN [Minor Sights]: They were built from 1926 to 1932 by GEHAG, a housing cooperative owned by left-wing labor unions, and contain 1,900 apartments. This balance of urban density and open space is reflected in the area’s other name, the Forest Housing Estate (Waldsiedlung in German). Riding on the U-Bahn from central Berlin, one is retracing the journey made by thousands of working class Berliners who moved from crowded inner city tenements known as rental barracks to these new apartments offering light, air, modern kitchens, and private bathrooms.

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