Have you caught sight of the R train entrance to the 53rd Street subway station on 4th Avenue in Brooklyn? Facebook user, Jarrod Allan Henry, recently snapped the above photograph, which shows the futuristic subway awning leading down to a revamped station. 

Subway station rendering. Image via the MTA

The long-awaited renovation is part of a $72 million revamp project that will ultimately enhance 30 subway stations. According to CurbedNY, the Bay Ridge Avenue was one of the first three stations to be redone along with the 53rd Street and Prospect Avenue stations, which gave us an early peek at what to expect.

The Bay Ridge Avenue station shuttered back in April, and reopened in October after a half a year of construction. While it’s certainly new and sleek, not everyone has been approving of it, largely because there’s no elevator within the station, which means that there is a wheelchair accessibility issue.
For those who haven’t been inside yet, Brooklyn News 12 reports that it features granite floors, new benches and artwork, LED lighting, USB charging stations, improved signage, better cell service and a navigation system that operates in real time.

In addition to the first three stations, other revamps include the 59th Street, 77th Street, 86th Street and Bay Ridge-95th Street Stations. The upgrades for all the stations are expected to be completed in 2020. Next in line for repairs and upgrades are stations in Queens.
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