M2A Preliminary Sketch (No Audio) from Stefani Bardin on Vimeo

The first exhibition at the new Freshkills Park Studio + Gallery is debuting this weekend. Entitled The Fantastic Voyage, the immersive installation by Stefani Bardin and Assaf Tamir will explore food production and its role in personal wellbeing and the health of the environment. Both scientific and visual, it presents footage from the first human clinical study of the wireless Pill Cam, a gastroenterology device that allows physicians to see inside a patient’s GI tract.

The resulting installation examines how the human body responds to whole foods versus processed foods. In the teaser video above, for example, we see the body digesting a meal of Blue Gatorade, Top Ramen and Gummy Bears, versus Whole Foods hibiscus gatorade, homemade ramen noodle soup and homemade cherry and pomegranate gummy bears.
“The exhibit(s)…provide pathways toward regaining agency in our food system and a more holistic stewardship of our planet,” a press release for The Fantastic Voyage states. It does this by showcasing what is normally invisible, visible.
The Fantastic Voyage will be on view from January 21 – May 20, 2018. The opening reception for the exhibition will take place at the Freshkills Park Studio + Gallery (2240 Richmond Avenue, Staten Island) on January 21 at 2pm. For more information, click here.
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