Lately, we’ve been noticing a lot of coffee shops that double as some other kind of store. It got us wondering, is a good old cuppa joe not enough anymore? Are people so busy that they need to get their coffee and their floral arrangements in the same place? Or are shop owners just so ambitious that they can’t satisfy themselves by only focusing on one thing?
Whatever the answer, we have to admit that these shops are doing something right, presenting us with some fun and quirky new ways to caffeinate ourselves. From a surf/coffee shop to a motorcycle shop/cafe, here are 12 of the most interesting examples in New York City. If you know one that isn’t on this list, make sure to leave us a comment:

12. Feminist Bookshop | Coffee Shop: Cafe con Libros

For book lovers and coffee aficionados, Crown Height’s recently opened Cafe Con Libros is a must visit. The feminist bookstore, founded by Kalima DeSuze, is a community-oriented space, which provides unique programming like book clubs, book fairs, prison outreach and more.
“It’s a place made safe and accountable by boundary pushing Feminist books, community members, and open dialogue,” writes DeSuze about the shop. “We hope to provide a space for building community and healing through reading, dialogue, and simply being in the company of fellow community members.” Address: 724 Prospect Pl.