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  • What to Eat at New York’s Food Halls in 2018 [Observer]: If you want a dining experience that offers a myriad of cuisine options, a relaxed atmosphere and Instagram-friendly interiors, plan a visit to one of NYC’s premiere food halls. From long-time classics to new arrivals, these food markets feature a wide range of cuisines and purveyors, like on-the-go ramen, cult-favorite Israeli eats and NYC’s first-ever avocado bar.
  • From house of worship to NYU dorm: The story of the East Village’s ‘ghost church’ [6sqft]: The disembodied church steeple sitting in front of a 26-story NYU dorm on East 12th Street between 3rd and 4th Avenues makes for one of the more head-scratching sights in New York. This jarring juxtaposition results from a confluence of powerful New York forces, including religion, immigration, real estate, and the expanding appetite of one large institution, New York University, and the shrinking resources of another, the United States Postal Service.

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