This Saturday, more than 200,000 protesters gathered on the streets of New York City to join the 2018 Women’s March. While a year has passed since 2017’s event, it’s evident from this weekend’s rally that the push for progress and social change has certainly not been extinguished.

The women-led movement, which includes sister marches taking place in cities and countries around the world, harnesses the power of the community to shed light on a diverse range of issues, including immigration, racial divides, voter participation and political resistance to the Trump administration. Fueled by the #MeToo movement, this year’s uprising was particularly rowdy, with protest posters and pink hats seen in abundance.

For those who were not able to attend this weekend, New York-based photographer Taylor McIntyre (@tayloramcintyre) shared a few photos of the event with us:

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One thought on “See Photos of the 2018 Women’s March in NYC

  1. Women’s March Leaves Behind Piles of Trash…….For all the noise that leftists make about respecting the environment, they sure leave that behind when it comes to targeting their enemies. Despite the fact that the Women’s March featured speakers blotting about climate change, signs and posters were deposited in front of President Trump’s Washington D.C. hotel, so that others had to clean up their mess. Perhaps the protesters thought their signs and protests deserved the same treatment as items left as memorial tributes at National Park Service sites in the D.C. region, like Ford’s Theater and the Frederick Douglas estate, or the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which are then housed at the National Park Service National Capital Region Museum Resource Center, which holds millions of artifacts from America’s past.

    It would seem that for hard-core leftists, there’s little difference between some the garbage they spew verbally and the garbage they leave as trash on the streets.

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