“Travel With Love” at 237 Park Ave.

“The world’s most loving artists,” Gillie and Marc — the duo behind Greenwich Village’s paparazzi dogs, the world’s largest gender equality art project and other notable New York City installations — have just presented their latest work, Table of Love. Now on view at RXR Realty’s 237 Park Avenue, the interactive bronze sculpture features Gillie and Marc’s hybrid characters, Rabbitgirl and Dogman, sitting together at a table with two additional seats for viewers to use.

Installed on January 15, the work is part of the world’s largest global art project, Travel with Love, that will be comprised of 100 sculptures to be installed in 100 cities across the world. In response to the plight of refugees and immigrants, and the overall socio-political climate today, the initiative is designed to bring more love to the world and to encourage understanding and open mindedness.
“The inviting installation of the Table of Love on Park Avenue offers a unique step towards opening dialogue towards a kinder, more understanding culture,” says RXR’s Chief Operating Officer, Richard Conniff. As such, the sculpture presents the story of two opposites coming together to become “best friends and soulmates.” According to the installation press release, the figures symbolize the acceptance of “all people as one” as they do not have a definitive race or religion.
As part of the effort to spread this message, the artists are encouraging visitors to take a picture of themselves sitting alongside Dogman and Rabbitgirl, and share it on social media using the hashtag #travelwithlove.
“It’s more important than ever that we put our differences aside, and protect each other through love and togetherness. That’s why we launched Travel with Love, as a stand for global unity” says Marc.

In addition to this installation, Gillie and Marc have also created sculptures for cities like London, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore and more. Table of Love is currently on view outdoors at 237 Park Avenue. Untapped Cities’ art columnist, afinelyne, shared the above images with us, and writes that the entrance to see the installation is located on 46th Street between Park Ave & Lexington Ave.
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