Back in 2016, Vinnie’s Pizzeria blew up the Internet when it announced that it was serving pizza inside boxes made out of pizza. Now, the Williamsburg eatery, which also boasts an outpost in Greenpoint, has launched its newest mad creation: “Pied Pods,” a Tide Pod-inspired pizza dish that’s non-toxic, edible, and just as colorful.
You might be scratching your head at the thought of the concept (we were too…), but ingesting laundry detergent pods has apparently become a fad. Some folks have claimed that they look like candy, but much like the other trends that have surfaced from the black hole that is the World Wide Web, the so called “Tide Pod Challenge” is difficult to explain or fully grasp. The origins of the challenge are still murky — and while it’s mostly understood to be a game amongst teenagers, dozens of people have already been taken to the hospital after consuming the detergent packs.
As a tasty alternative, Vinnie’s Pizzeria is offering the “Pied Pod” until the controversy surrounding the challenge dies down. According to co-owner Sean Berthiaume, he’ll continue to make the dish as long as people are requesting it; the cheese and pepperoni stuffed pies, which technically qualify more as tiny calzones, are topped with mozzarella that is dyed using food coloring and formed to look like Tide Pod swirls.
Not only is the Pied Pod a palatable rendition of a New York City staple, it’ll also save you a trip the Poison Control Center (and that’s a win-win in our books).
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