Coffee Shops

As you stroll the Heights and find yourself in need of a delicious treat, you will encounter bakeries and street vendors offering such savory treats as chicken (pollo), cheese (queso), or ground meat (res) empanadas as well as sweet pastries (dulces) and cakes (postres). Don’t be surprised to see the Jewish treat, rugelach, for sale in a Dominican bakery. If you want to sit down to savor your latte or do some work on a laptop while sipping your café con leche, check out the locally owned mom-and-pop stores like these two local favorites:

Taszo Espresso Bar

Taszo Coffee-Washington Heights-Coffee Shop-NYC-006
Located at the southern end of the Heights, at 5 Edward Morgan Place (b/t 157th and 158th Streets), Taszo has a designated area for people to work on their computers and a variety of foods including eggs Benedict and smoked salmon on a bagel to accompany their array of coffees. Taszo also offers wine and beer.
If you are going to Fort Tryon Park and want lunch or a snack, there is a strip of shops on 187th Street, between Fort Washington Avenue and Cabrini Boulevard. Frank’s Gourmet Market is a good place for a made-to-order sandwich or even prepackaged sushi.

For another indie coffee shop try:

Café Buunni

Cafe Buunni-Washington Heights-Coffee Shop-Guide-NYC
Located at 213 Pinehurst Ave (close to where Pinehurst intersects Cabrini), Café Buunni offers light meals, such as panini, locally sourced sweet and savory baked goods, and hand-made trinkets from the owners’ native Ethiopia. Café Buunni has been planning to co-locate in the nearby George Washington Bus Terminal Market into a much larger space, but this major construction project has gone years and many millions of dollars above budget. Work at the mercado seems to be moving along, but for now, visit Café Buunni in its current and sole location, a former shoe repair shop.

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