15. Chashama Brings Crossroads of the World to The Port Authority

Colorful flag candy sculptures and 80 additional artworks by the artist, Laurence Jenkell, have been scattered all around the second floor of The Port Authority Bus Terminal and its pop-up gallery. The exhibit, Crossroads of the World, is presented by the non-profit arts organizations Chashama.
Jenkell’s large-scale, colorful candy twists were a childhood fantasy, born out of the artists childhood desire for — and lack of — the luscious treat. She created the installations using materials like Plexiglass, polyester, aluminum, bronze and marble, carefully featuring the delicious morsel twists in the candy’s wrappers.
Crossroads of the World will be on view to mid December, 2018, on the second floor of The Port Authority Bus Terminal, and in a pop-up gallery in the South Wing of the main concourse, located between 8th and 9th Avenue and 40th and 42nd  Streets.
In addition, Laurence Jenkell will have a separate exhibit of Wrapping Twists located in the lobby of 485 Madison Avenue, between 51st and 52nd Streets, also sponsored by Chashama, with the space provided by jack Resnick & Sons.