12. Brooklyn Historical Society explores the History of the ‘Waterfront’

Image via the Brooklyn Historical Society

The Brooklyn Historical Society will immerse viewers in the significance of Brooklyn’s 131 miles of coastline with its new exhibit, Waterfront, located at the Museum’s DUMBO outpost. The result of four years of research, the exhibit traces the history and stories of dock workers, industries, activists, and ecosystems, and touches on subjects like the building of the Brooklyn Bridge, the history of the shoreline, and the shoreline’s future. It also touches on current topics of interest such as sea level rise and gentrification.
Two digital installation are included in Waterfront: Water’s Edge, an eight-minute multimedia experience, and History in Motion, which will drop visitors into ten historic paintings and photographs, and record them interacting with historical figures to weave together a 60-second movie. In addition, there is a dress-up experience for kids.
Waterfront will be on view at the Brooklyn Historical Society’s DUMBO outpost, located at 55 Water Street, Brooklyn.