11. Markus Brunetti Brings ‘Facades’ to Yossi Milo Gallery


German-born photographer, Markus Brunetti, documented facades of historic cathedrals, churches and cloisters in minute detail, as he and his partner, Betty Schoener, traveled Western Europe — and now Scandinavia and Eastern Europe — in their self-contained computer lab on wheels. A single work consists of taking thousands of high-resolution frames over the course of a few weeks. The photographs are so precise, that they are sometimes called photographic drawings on paper. Brunetti’s second solo exhibit at the gallery, called FACADES, will feature large-scale prints as part of an ongoing series.

The exhibit FACADES – Grand Tour by artist Markus Brunetti will be on view from February 1 through March 17, 2018 with an opening reception to take place on February 1 from 6-8pm, at Yossi Milo Gallery, 245 Tenth Avenue between 24th-25th Streets.