Through March 11, Brooklyn art space, Pioneer Works, will serve as the location for British-born artist Anthony McCall’s light exhibition, “Solid Light Works.” Viewers can immerse themselves within the performance art piece and change their perception of space and time. This is McCall’s first institutional exhibition in New York.

McCall’s work with solid light installations started in 1973 with his project “Line Describing a Cone.” In this piece, a white dot is projected and gradually forms a cone that encompasses the viewers. There are no seats in the theater and viewers are free to move and interact with the seemingly material projection. McCall’s art exists in a space between film and sculpture.
“Solid Light Works” will be the first time McCall presents his vertical and horizontal installations simultaneously. Since technology has advanced over time, it has allowed McCall to change some aspects of his creative process while keeping some of his original techniques.
“I still animate by hand, but the advent of digital projectors allowed me to create vertical pieces that wouldn’t have been possible with analog equipment”, McCall stated in an interview with TimeOut New York.
In “Solid Light Works”, spectators can move within the conical structures and alter their sense of space. The works seem like solid structures but viewers will also experience the fluidity when travelling between each form. Due to popular demand, the exhibition will show through March 11.
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