Rooftop farming and green roofing business, The Brooklyn Grange, is partnering with The Nicotra Group to manage a 40,000-square-foot organic rooftop farm, which will sit above Bloomfield’s Corporate Commons Three, an eight-story office building currently being constructed on an 8.5-acre site inside The Teleport business park and campus.
The Corporate Commons Three building broke ground back in September and the foundation work for the garden project is slated to begin soon.
“[Brooklyn Grange] will be involved in planning and designing the rooftop farm, and they will be [growing] all of the vegetables. We also have a management contract with them, where they will manage the farm,” said Richard Nicotra, the chairman and co-owner of The Nicotra Group.
SILive reports that there will also be an “educational component” to the operation with a dedicated area for a herb garden.
In addition to the Corporate Commons Three rooftop garden, the area surrounding the building will present original sculptures, walking trails and a vineyard that will grow grapes for soup kitchens and food pantries.
“The steel will be delivered in May, and the glass will be delivered in October or November of 2018,” Nicotra added. The expected opening will be in 2019.
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