All images courtesy studioSPACEnyc

An interactive light exhibition, “Unspoken,” is now on display at a Chelsea art gallery. Presented by social impact production company Killer Impact and curated by its Director of Visual Art, Zahra Sherza, the installations are created by activist artist Ann Lewis, in collaboration with Long Island City-based design team, studioSPACEnyc.

The immersive art exhibition includes 115,000 feet of reflective strings that encompass the space, and viewers are highly encouraged to lay down and meditate. Attached on the strings are toe tags with different questions regarding mortality such as “Do we actually exist?” and “Can death be an adventure?” Spectators are welcomed to explore these themes of existence and encouraged to write their answers on the tags. Over time, the installation will evolve and present a collection of thoughts and reflections.

Lewis is a multidisciplinary artist and much of her work sheds light on important social and political issues. In 2015, her work focusing on mass incarceration was displayed in the White House under the Obama Administration.
The artists and designers behind this show hope that viewers will be able to take time out of their hectic days to reflect on often overlooked themes. The exhibit is being held at 149 West 14th Street in Chelsea. Admission is free, and it’s open Thursday through Saturday until February 15th.
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