5. Coney Island YMCA

When a new YMCA Community Center opened in Coney Island in 2013, the new beginning was celebrated with a look back at the history of Brooklyn’s iconic beachy playground. The items chosen for the time capsule embody the fun and eclectic spirit of the community. Inside, there are recent copies of local newspapers, a bobblehead and ball from the Brooklyn Cyclones, posters from the Mermaid Parade, beach sand, a piece of the Boardwalk, T-shirts from the Brooklyn Nets and the Coney Island Freakshow, and of course, a cup and menu from the famous Nathan’s.

While there is no set date for the capsule to be opened, spokeswoman Ellen Murphy told Brooklyn Daily that the YMCA’s lease is up in 40 years, but that many Brooklyn YMCA locations have lasted more than a century.