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  • 15 Underground Railroad stops in New York City [6sqft]: For over 200 years, and leading up to the Civil War, most of New York City favored slavery because the region’s cotton and sugar industries depended on slave labor. During the colonial era, 41 percent of NYC’s households had slaves, compared to just six percent in Philadelphia and two percent in Boston.
  • Prelude to a launch: New York’s new arts centre The Shed to host 12-day festival this May [The Art Newspaper]:  Before it officially opens in spring 2019, The Shed, a new multi-disciplinary cultural centre under construction on the far west side of Manhattan, will host a 12-day arts festival this May. Titled Prelude to the Shed, the free event will include a mix of art, dance and live music performances—including a work by the artist Tino Sehgal—plus talks and an experimental school. The events will all be housed in a temporary structure at 10th Avenue and 30th Street, a block away from The Shed’s $500m home at the centre of the Hudson Yards development.
  • New York State Shut Down 5 NYC Bars in January [Eater NY]: A string of violence led to New York state shutting down five NYC bars in January, with violations varying from stabbings to shootings. Brooklyn Nights in Bed-Stuy was deemed unsafe following three knife attacks in the lounge last year, as were Bronx bars Vapor Lounge, Wish 37, and M & J Flow Lounge. Astoria bar Fusion Lounge was also closed for various unsafe conditions, the Daily News reports.

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