9. Baxter the Graffiti Cat (Formerly at 5Pointz)

Image from @graffiticatbaxter by @lukekingma

After the much contested whitewashing of 5Pointz, Long Island City’s former graffiti mecca, Baxter the Graffiti Cat was left with a drastically different home than he was used to. The black feline, who was a regular at the warehouse space since 2007 or 2008, was known to roam around the space and follow artists. According to DNAinfo, he was reportedly brought to site by workers there, likely to fend off rats. He even had his own bed within the complex.

Although 5Pointz is no longer standing, Baxter is not without a home. We were ecstatic to find out that Untapped Cities writer and photographer, Rachel Fawn Albanadopted him. And he now has his very own Instagram, @graffiticatbaxter, where you can follow his adventures and see cute latergrams, which Alban has dubbed #Baxtergrams. He currently lives in Newark, New Jersey, but deserves special mention due to his New York City roots.