7. Allegra at C.O. Bigelow

Image from Shop Cats of New York

In 1995, Mr. Bigelow, the beloved resident cat at C.O. Bigelow pharmacy, passed away. He was so loved that The New York Times actually dedicated an obituary to him, where he was referred to as a “special cat, good-natured but proud, loving but lordly.”

Following Mr. Bigelow’s death, Rex became the resident feline, until he developed cancer on the roof of his mouth and was put to sleep in 2007. (His ashes are reportedly kept in an urn that’s placed in an alcove that once served as his favorite sleeping place.) Allegra was adopted shortly afterwards from the Petco in Union Square. She was named after allergy medicine since C.O. Bigelow pharmacist and owner Ian Ginsberg is actually allergic to cats.