5. The Copy Cat at Park Slope Copy Center

Stinky and Boom-Boom (aka Mr. Charlie and The Sister), collectively referred to as “The Copy Cats,” were the brother-sister duo, who resided at the Park Slope Copy Center. Mr. Charlie is still there but Boom-Boom died before the publication of The Shop Cats of New York. In the book, author Tamar Arslanian learns from the Copy Cat owners that Mr. Charlie meowed horribly when his sister died.

You can find Mr. Charlie lounging around on the warm photocopying machines, napping in a day bed, or on top of the box, where we last saw him. According to The Airship, no one is certain when or where the shop cats came from, but they’ve since made the neighborhood printing firm their unlikely home. Quite humorously, one customer even reported finding a copy of Mr. Charlie’s belly on a printer tray. “The copy was just lying in the hopper when I went to use the machine,” said customer stated. “…I displayed it on my kitchen wall for years as a beautiful piece of found art.”