9. Pickler & Co. 

Sometimes, you have to wander a little bit away from the usual path to find the hidden treasures. This is true of Pickler & Co., both a craft deli and a swanky coffee bar, located inside Midtown’s LIM Fashion College on 216 E. 45th Street, between Third Avenue and Second Avenues. The crux of the eatery is its dedication to healthy and nutritious fare that’s as appetizing as it is good for you.

Established by two Pittsburgh friends, David Lowenstein and Eric Haber, it’s quickly growing into a local favorite that patrons can’t help but wander across the city for. Those lucky enough to be privy to the eatery like to opt for the Pickler Reuben: topped with corned beef sliced exceptionally thin and a housemade Russian dressing, it’s one fabulous sandwich.