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  • New look at Pier 57 as Google takes over former Bourdain Market spaces [CurbedNY]: Anthony Bourdain may have backed out of Pier 57, but Google is coming to the rescue. Just days after news broke that Google was set to purchase the Chelsea Market building in order to expand its NYC footprint, Crain’s now reports that Google is also looking to take on more space at the Pier 57 development.
  • A guide to the major megaprojects transforming New York City [CurbedNY]: New development is occurring at a breakneck pace throughout New York City, and while much of it is happening on the individual level, a not-inconsequential portion of it is also lumped into megaprojects rising all over the five boroughs.
  • Listen to “Tell Me,” Metrograph’s Film Series for the #MeToo Age [Village Voice]: The Metrograph series “Tell Me: Women Filmmakers, Women’s Stories,” guest-programmed by Nellie Killian, gives women from across recent decades — the series spans from the Seventies to the Aughts — the chance to be heard by new and returning listeners.
  • What Is a Bodega? And Why Do New Yorkers Love Them? [Streeteasy Blog]: As visitors and transplants to the city know, bodegas are a uniquely — and initially baffling — New York City phenomenon. These little corner stores are part supermarket and part neighborhood hangout spot, and they share similarities that go beyond cereal offerings. So for all of the non-New Yorkers (and locals who still don’t quite understand), here we answer the question “What is a bodega?” once and for all.

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