4. Odessa

If you’re looking for a late-night snack, Odessa is a safe bet on any day of the week. On the weekends, however, the old school Eastern European diner — located on 119 Avenue A in the East Village — keeps its doors open 24-hours, much like the Katz’s DeliNYmag calls it a “gloriously tacky Ukrainian dive,” which is populated by locals, senior citizens and New York University students.

The extensive menu at Odessa is reasonably priced, and portion sizes are huge. The perogies are a staple menu item, but other options include kasha varnishkes, blintzes and borscht, in addition to American breakfast staples. Step inside and you’ll walk into a scene taken “straight from the Polish riviera,” complete with outdated ’80s decorations like flea-market oil paintings and a ceiling that looks like maroon shag carpet, according to one Yelp reviewer.