Mud Flat House (Hudson River, Ulster County, New York), limited edition archival inkjet print on cotton rag paper, 2006, 30”h x 40”w, photograph courtesy of Robert Hite

More and more, artworks are beginning to pop up in surprising locations across New York, from transportation hubs to the subway, and even inside governmental buildings. Now, the Albany International Airport is presenting Above the Fray, its newest exhibition that features sculptures and photographs from Hudson Valley artist, Robert Hite. The show will join Hite’s already existing large-scale sculpture, Migration House, currently on view at the airport.

Installation View, Above the Fray

Growing up in the rural South during the Civil Rights Movement, Hite explores the relationship between environment and disenfranchisement in his work, and focuses on themes of poverty, functionality, resilience, and community. He is specifically interested in the meaning of the home, which can provide refuge from the elements and serve as a protective space for aspirations. “In my youth, I would return at dusk from forays along winding back roads, murky swamps, and thick forest. I could then reflect upon what exists in this life from the safety and sanctity of my home,” Hite stated in a press release.

Installation View, Above the Fray

Duckweed Palace, mixed media, 2006-2010, 30”h x 78”w x 12”d

Hite’s sculptures — described as “hand-made habitations” — are constructed out of found materials like reclaimed wood and metal. Once the repurposed objects are created into sculptures, Hite then photographs them around the Hudson Valley. Both the images and sculptures will be displayed at the airport’s Concourse-A gallery, located beyond the security check point.

Migration House, mixed media, 2007-2017, 108”h x 252” w x 30” d

Migration House (Ulster County, NY), limited edition archival inkjet print on cotton rag paper, 2017, 44”h x 58”w, photograph courtesy Robert Hite

Migration House, Ulster County, New York, archival ink jet print, 2017 by Robert Hite

Since much of Hite’s work focuses on transience and refuge, it’s appropriate that the Albany International Airport decided to showcase his art. Kathy Greenwood, Director of the Arts and Culture Program at Albany International Airport states, “The exhibition and its companion installation are sure to resonate with travelers…” who may be seeking respite from their own journeys, or otherwise, may be inspired to explore undiscovered paths.

Migration House sculpture which measures 9′ x 21,’ and reflects on the longing for stability — was installed in December 2017 and will be on view through to 2020. Above the Fray features 11 photographs as well as four additional sculptures. For more information, and to see the other exhibitions currently on view at the airport, click here. This year, The Albany International Airport’s Art & Culture Program is also celebrating 20 years of showcasing exhibitions and installations from regional artists and cultural institutions.

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