Have you tasted all the sushirittos and poké bowls there are in the city? Are you tired of the same Asian fusion dishes? Luckily, in a city as diverse as New York, different types of cuisines are always being mixed together to create unique experiences for everyone.

For those looking to take a culinary risk, there are plenty of fusion restaurants to try out across the five boroughs. These eateries are incorporating different flavor profiles and cooking techniques to serve up unexpected blends of well-known dishes, like Matzoh Ball Ramen and Kimchi Bouillabaise. Here are 10 of New York City’s most surprising fusion restaurants:

10. Shalom Japan, Jewish-Japanese

A collaboration between chefs Aaron Israel and Sawako Okochi, Shalom Japan opened in 2013, on 310 South 4th Street in South Williamsburg. A husband-and-wife team, Israel and Okochi wanted to highlight their respective culinary backgrounds while simultaneously celebrating the blending of the two cultures.

Visitors are enticed by the restaurant’s New American cuisine, which takes inspiration from the chefs’ Ashkenazi Jewish and Japanese roots. Some of the most alluring menu items offered include the Matzoh Ball Ramen and Okonomiyaki with sauerkraut, pastrami, and bonito flakes. According to the Shalom Japan website, the inventive plates are designed to be shared among diners within this cozy, casual restaurant.