1. Dawa’s, Himalayan-New American

Located on 51-18 Skillman Avenue in Woodside, Dawa’s is a small family owned restaurant, headed by chef Dawa Bhuti, her father, Ngodup, and her uncle. Although not exactly a fusion restaurant, the cozy eatery does offer a dual menu of New American brunch dishes — including pancakes and baked eggs — as well as authentic Himalayan tribal cuisine, inspired by the flavors of Nepal, India and Bhutan. The family team hopes to introduce visitors to the flavors of their home region with dishes like beef momo dumplings, bhutanese style slow cooked pork, tibetan pulled noodles in bone marrow beef broth (with sliced beef and daikon) and the pan fried skate (with chipotle mayo and fingerling potatoes).

Inside the small restaurant, mismatched chairs and tables help to make the place feel homey and rustic. The menu changes seasonally as the team utilizes locally farmed ingredients that supports both farmers and artisans.

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