9. Calle Dão, Cuban-Chinese

Calle Dão opened in New York City as an homage to Havana’s Chinatown (El Barrio Chino), once Latin America’s largest Chinese community, which occupied 44 square blocks during the late 1870s. The blending of the Chinese and Cuban communities have given rise to a unique type of cuisine. However, visitors don’t only come for the food and the drinks; they stay for the ambiance and laid back atmosphere.

Calle Dão’s two locations — on 61 West 23rd Street in Chelsea and 38 West 39th Street in Midtown — ooze old-world Havana charm, with white-washed walls, wood paneled bars and ferns hanging alongside Chinese artwork — all meant to transport patrons back to El Barrio Chino. Some of the enticing dishes include the Smoked Short Rib and Chinese Broccoli with La Mian noodles in garlic hoisin sauce.