2. Flip Sigi, Filipino-TexMex

Self-described as the “original Filipino taqueria,” Flip Sigi blends Filipino flavors with TexMex dishes to create unique tacos, rice bowls and burgers. Chef Jordan Andino integrates his personality in both the dishes and the restaurant: menu items are written on skateboards, walls are adorned with graffitied murals, and some members of the staff even wear Hawaiian shirts. “I wanted to create a fun joint that celebrates Filipino cuisine in a casual taqueria style setting, easily resonating with people of all ages, no matter what city or country they come from,” said Andino about Flip Sigi.

Dishes to taste include “L.A.E. Me,” everything bagel topped with langonisa (a type of spicy sausage), American cheese, and a fried egg, as well as tacos topped with bok choy or chicharonnes. Find Flip Sigi in two locations: 525 Hudson Street in West Village and 1752 Second Avenue in the Upper East Side.