Adding extra avocado to your meal generally runs you an additional buck or two at most New York City restaurants. More often than not, however, that dollar translates to just a measly scoop and not the heaping portion you were hoping for. Luckily, you’ll never find yourself running into that problem at Avocado Appetit, a new all-avocado restaurant on 114 Eldridge Street in Chinatown

Headed by co-owners James Mai and Vincent Lin, two lifelong residents of the neighborhood, Avocado Appetit is a cozy daytime café that offers a “minimalistic” brunch menu of smoothies, avocado toasts and salads. Noticing a lack of healthy eateries in the area, Lin and Mai decided to offer an avocado-themed menu after being inspired by other avocado cafés around the world, including The Avocado Show in Amsterdam and Guac & Go in Singapore, according to Eater New York.

Following the wildly popular launch of Brooklyn’s Avocaderia, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that New York City is home to another all-avocado restaurant. And with its Manhattan location, Avocado Appetit is sure to gain a lot of traction with menu options like house battered avocado fries, coffee avocado smoothies and lox avocado toast. Eater New York reports that the full menu is still in progress, but you can take a look at the current offerings here. Beer and wine will also available soon.

Expectedly, the restaurant is decorated according to theme: there’s a lot of green, photos of avocados, a plant wall and tropically-inspired flourishes.

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