2. Bellevue Hospital

Early in the season, Dr. Kreizler and John Moore visit a known criminal being held at Bellevue Hospital, where Kreizler is affiliated. He also runs his own institution, The Kreizler Institution, which in the book is located on the Lower East Side.

Bellevue has been in operation since about 1736, originally located further downtown near City Hall. It was originally founded as a quarantine hospital and is the oldest public hospital in the United States. With the creation of the Commissioner’s Grid for the city’s streets, land was purchased for a hospital on the East Side of Manhattan. Today, Bellevue is still in operation on 1st Avenue between 26th and 28th streets.

The gate, recreated for the set in the scene above, still exists on the site in front of a building built in 1931. Aeveral of the original buildings in the complex are no longer standing or have been incorporated into new structures. In 2014, the first patient diagnosed with ebola in New York City was quarantined at Bellevue.

Dr. Kreizler’s home, with its luxurious period details, was built on a set but in the book is located at 283 East 17th Street, a fictional address, close to Stuyvesant Square, within walking distance to Bellevue. The Kreizler home set is a favorite of set designer LePere-Schloop who tells Vulture that the stained glass window in his home was a detail of particular pride: “We spent three months making real stained glass, with real lead. Every color was hand-chosen.”