3. 300 Mulberry Street, Police Headquarters

From the beginning of the series viewers watched police commissioner Theodore Roosevelt (Brian Geraghty) struggle to control the ongoing murder investigations and clean up the corrupt police department he leads. Roosevelt and his secretary Ms. Howard (Dakota Fanning) are often seen in his office which would have been located at Police Headquarters, 300 Mulberry Street.

As in the show, the actual 300 Mulberry was a hotbed of corruption in the late 1800s (and home to many local cats). According to a 1901 issue of the Evening World, 300 Mulberry Street was the “centre and disseminator of laziness, corruption, contempt for all the right standards of police duty.” The building on Mulberry served as police headquarters from 1862 until 1909 when the force moved to a Beaux-Arts style building on Broome and Centre streets, a popular film location in New York City seen on shows like Daredevil and The Defenders. The original police headquarters was torn down and in its place today stands a large apartment building and parking garage.

You can see vintage photographs of the actual police headquarters at 300 Mulberry Street in the photographic collection of Jacob Riis, highlighted in a previous exhibition at Museum of City of New York.