Photo by Carol M. Highsmith from the Library of Congress

It’s been 25 years since the 1993 World Trade Center Bombing, when a rental van carrying a 1,200-pound bomb detonated in the basement-level parking garage of the World Trade Center’s North Tower. The bombing was carried out by a group of Muslim extremists terrorists, and was regarded as one of the deadliest terrorists attacks to take place on U.S. soil at the time. Today, on the anniversary of the blast, a planned commemoration will take place at Ground Zero to honor the victims who lost their lives.

According to CNN, the explosion created a hole 200-feet-by-100 feet, and several stories deep. Although the attack was meant to send the North Tower (Tower 1) crashing into the South Tower (Tower 2) — and thereby bringing both towers down — this initial plan failed. However, a mass evacuation of both skyscrapers was carried out, and six people ultimately passed away with over a thousand others injured. The World Trade Center itself suffered more than $500 million in damage.

Following a massive manhunt for the suspects, four men were convicted for the attack in March 1994, and two others, including the mastermind behind the plot, Ramzi Yousef, were convicted three years later. Yousef stated that he did it to avenge Palestinian people who suffered under the hands of U.S.-aided Israel, and to punish the U.S. for its Middle East policies. A seventh suspect, however, currently remains at large.

While it’s been over two decades since the attack, New Yorkers still carry scars from that tragic day. In commemoration of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, The Port Authority holds a tribute to the victims who lost their lives during the explosion. The Catholic Mass has been a tradition every year, and will take place at St. Peter’s Roman Catholic Church in Lower Manhattan at 10:30am today. 

Following the Mass, a ceremony and moment of silence will be held at 12:18 pm near the North Pool on the 9/11 Memorial Plaza. This will be followed by a reading of the names of the victims, which are also inscribed on one of the memorial pools.

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