9. The Closest Point of Entry to Break Into the Gold Vault of The Federal Reserve Bank of New York

 Image courtesy the New York Fed

Given the amount of gold that is stored in The Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the underground vault seems like an obvious target for ambitious thieves. Yet, no break-in attempts are known to have taken place — most likely due to the sheer amount of security measures taken to ensure that the stash is protected (more on that later).

However, if someone was ambitious enough to orchestrate a heist, the best point of entry would be to create a tunnel from the nearest subway station, which is located 30 feet above and 100 feet away from the vault. Doing so would require two months of drilling using the world’s most powerful drill that is equipped with diamond head. But even if someone miraculously was able to procure such a machine, the vibrations from the actual tunneling would be enough to alert security.

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