9. Double Double at The Standard Hotel

Image courtesy The Standard Hotel

The Standard, High Line — the hotel that previously brought us installations like the felt bodega and the phone booth with a direct line to the government — has now partnered with EVERYBODYNEEDSUS for a new art installation, called Double Double. Displayed in the Living Room lobby, the multi-faceted mirror and neon ribbon installation amplifies and plays with the concept of reflections — something our technology-inundated culture is seemingly obsessed with.

The immersive work not only allows viewers to see themselves, but also to see the world reflected back to them at a new, massive scale. As a nod to the theme, visitors are also encouraged to interact with the sculpture by taking selfies and using the hashtag #drinkyourselfpretty on social media, thereby initiating a conversation around self-perception in today’s society.

EVERYBODYNEEDSUS, the creative production team behind the installation, also worked with notable artists along the likes of Frank Ocean, Kanye West, Beyonce, Pharrell and more. As part of the programming for the installation, Double Double will also present DJ sets and more.