On Tuesday, Fisher Brothers unveiled 17 finalists for “Beyond the Centerline,” a design competition that invited participants to reimagine the traffic medians along Park Avenue between 46th and 57th Streets. Over 150 submissions were received, and the final proposals feature highly imaginative ideas, calling for the construction of floating gardens, an aquarium and even an Alpine mountain. The next step of the competition is to display these designs at Park Avenue Plaza (55 East 52nd Street) for public voting, which will take place from March 5 to March 9. Following that, a jury will ultimately select the $25,000 grand prize winner, and popular vote will determine a $5,000 prize winner. In the meantime, check out the unique ideas that have been conceptualized:

Elevated Walkways and Carnival Ride courtesy of Daniel Elmore

Wandering River with Kayaks courtesy of Local Architects

Mimosa Pudica courtesy of Marin Architects

Subterranean Arcade courtesy of Gaffney-Nguyen Architect

Park courtesy of JBA Collective

30-foot stalks courtesy of Wilkinson Architects

Art Installation courtesy of Maison

Subterranean courtesy of Studio Ames

Forest courtesy of Harrison Green

Elevated Walkway courtesy of Jonathan Elmore

Parks courtesy of Philip Syvertsen

Botanical Circus courtesy of Terrain Work

Mini Golf courtesy of Michelle Schrank

Aquarium courtesy of Eric Spencer

Living Walls courtesy of Matthew Scarlett

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