Brooklyn Kura, the first New York-based sake brewery and taproom, has finally arrived at Brooklyn’s Industry City, and it opens today on 68 34th Street. After traveling to Japan, apprenticing at breweries and developing their own recipes, founders Brian Polen and Brandon Doughan have joined forces to focus on brewing and selling a new wave of American craft sake.

Called junmai, the craft sake, will be made entirely from American ingredients, mainly American-grown rice, New York City tap water, koji, and yeast. “A well-crafted sake can be floral or acidic, sweet or astringent, fruity or savory,” Brooklyn Kura’s website explains. “The slight changes in yeast strain, rice variety, water mineral content or brewing method can produce wildly different results.” The rice is sourced from fields in California and Arkansas, and the chlorine, iron, and manganese will be filtered out of the tap water.

While there are other sake breweries across the country — many of which are based in California — Brooklyn Kura is the first to debut in New York, according to EaterNY. Brooklyn Kura’s public taproom is located next to the brewery, featuring sakes that are only offered on-site. Visitors can also enjoy bar snacks, like toasted nori, cheese plates and charcuterie platters, paired alongside their drinks in the highly fashionable, sleek and modern space. Check out the full menu here.

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