Here’s what the Untapped Cities staff is reading in the HQ today:

  • Food Truck Festival Coming to New York City [NBC New York]: Fresh lobster sandwiches, pizza, mac n’ cheese, crepes, stuffed French toast and empanadas are just some of the dishes that will be available at the food truck festival.
  • A Sound Designer’s Ear-Catching Ideas for the New York City Subway [Forbes]: New York’s subway stations can be punishing on the human ear: the combined noise of sometimes several thunderous subway lines, attention-craving buskers, heaving swarms of human traffic and the busy bleeps of turnstiles. It’s an outrageous, headphone-overpowering cacophony that is only made worse by the reverberant subterranean acoustics.
  • New York Today: Another Nor’easter Approaches [The New York Times]: An approaching nor’easter is threatening to dump up to a foot of snow on the city and parts of New Jersey, and up to 15 inches in Westchester, even as the region is still reeling from last week’s winter storm.
  • A Stroll Down Historic Huron Street []: Huron was originally just called H Street, but it was changed to Huron in the 1850s, possibly in honor of a locally built steamship the U.S.S Huron, or it could simply honor the New York state Native American people.

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