March is Women’s History Month and celebrations of female empowerment kick off with International Women’s Day on March 8. New York City is rife with history made by trailblazing women and events to honor their legacies.

While marching, donating, and volunteering are all vital ways to support the women’s movement, it is also important to reflect on the accomplishments of the past, appreciate women’s artistic endeavors and simply listen to their stories. Here are 10 unconventional ways to celebrate Women’s History Month this March:

1. Tour a Graveyard

NYC Parks Service is offering an abundance of events throughout the parks system that celebrate Women’s History Month. One of the most unique activities on the schedule is an Urban Park Ranger guided tour through Gravesend Cemetery in Brooklyn. The tour of Gravesend, a cemetery that was founded in 1643, will focus on the life of Lady Deborah Moody and other famous interments. Moody was a wealthy English widow who came to the colonies and founded the town of Gravesend, Brooklyn, and in doing so, became the first women in the New World to receive a land patent and the first person to write a town charter in English in New Netherland. You can find monuments to Ms. Moody throughout the town.

The tour of this historic cemetery will take place on Sunday March 18 from 11am to 12:30pm. Registration is required. To register, please visit