5. The Fat Radish (Lower East Side)

Image courtesy The Fat Radish by Steve Freihon

Focusing on British seasonal cooking, The Fat Radish on 17 Orchard Street delivers a dining experience that will make you feel right at home. Although the restaurant is currently housed in what used to be a sausage factory, the space has since been transformed into a staple for farm-to-table dining. Here, the signature meal is the crispy duck, but it also serves British favorites such as celery root pot pie.

The Fat Radish’s purveyors are all listed on the website. Also noteworthy is the restaurant’s casual, but cozy ambience: its rustic vibe closely matches that of an apartment in Williamsburg. Guests will almost feel like they’re eating outside as greenery covers the walls inside the space, which is also decorated with benches and stools that allow for guests to feel a sense of community when dining.