7. St. Patrick’s Day at the Merchant’s House Museum

The Merchant’s House will be hosting two St. Patrick’s Day events: a ‘Spirit of the Irish’ Candlelight Ghost Tour, which takes place tonight at 6:30pm and 7pm, as well as St. Patrick’s Day: A Tribute to the Tredwells’ Irish Servants with Bridget Murphy, at 12:30pm, 2pm and 3:30pm on March 17.

On the Spirit of the Irish tour, guests will “venture” into history to learn about the house and the inexplicable events that have happened there. This unique opportunity includes a visit to the 4th floor Servants’ Quarters, as strange occurrences have been related to the Tredwell family’s Irish servants. The Tribute to the Tredwells’ Irish Servants is another tour that allows guests to experience the Merchant’s House through the eyes of the Irish immigrants that worked there. For more information, and to book the events, visit merchantshouse.org.