Five years after his month long residency, Banksy has left his mark on New York City yet again. The elusive, England-based street artist has decorated the facade of a former Chelsea bank building, located on 101 West 14th Street — the same one that once housed Julien Binford’s 1950s mural. This time around, Banksy has added a stencil of his infamous rat tag onto the building’s clock, creating a “makeshift mouse wheel.”

At the moment, it’s uncertain how long the piece will stay on view as the building is slated for demolition. A 13-story condo building with ground retail space will be constructed on the site at the hands of developer Gemini Rosemont, which purchased the property for $42.4 million in 2017.

Until further notice, you can view the work in person or on Banksy’s personal Instagram account. Yesterday evening, he also uploaded photos of his new mural on the Bowery Wall, which calls attention to the plight of Zehra Dogan, a Kurdish painter in Turkey, who was jailed for her watercolor painting of a Kurdish town, Nusaybin, in midst of conflict. BBC reports that Dogan was arrested after posting her work to social media. The image of the painting, depicting Nusaybin in rubbles, was projected over the mural yesterday night, March 15.

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