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  • Conductors Driving Slowly is Root of Subway Delays [The Village Voice]: In the summer of 2014, New York City Transit intern Philip Betheil was finishing up his master’s in urban planning at Columbia University when his boss, David Greenberger, gave him a project. The two worked for NYCT’s operations planning division, and Greenberger tasked Betheil with looking into an arcane bit of subway minutiae called signal modifications and what effect they had on train service. They worked on the report on and off over that summer, tossing more than a dozen drafts back and forth.
  • We ranked the best breweries in every NYC borough [Time Out New York]:Brookfield Place—that shopping mall with indoor palm trees down in Battery Park City—turned into a haven for beer lovers over the past three weeks. From February 22 to March 15, the space hosted a contest to determine the best brewery in New York City. Dubbed the 5 Borough Challenge: Best Brews of NYC, the three-week tasting event allowed visitors to try beers from across the city and vote for their favorites. A panel of judges also threw down their opinions on the best brewery in Gotham.
  • Artist Janice McDonnell captures Brooklyn’s waterfront with her paintings [6sqft]:In a city as bustling and overbuilt as New York, it’s easy to forget this metropolis’ roots as a port city, and that all boroughs but the Bronx are islands. The timeless beauty of NYC’s watery surroundings are not lost on artist Janice McDonnell, who has produced a series of paintings of the Brooklyn waterfront.
  • How to watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade from the comfort of home [Curbed NY]: The city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade will take over Midtown and the Upper East Side tomorrow, and for those who want to experience the bagpipe-soundtracked spectacle live and in person, you can find the parade route and details on how to get there right here.

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