4. World’s Largest Lox Bagel: 213.75 lbs

Back in February, Acme Smoked Fish and Zucker’s Bagels created the world’s largest lox bagel at the Acme headquarters on 30 Gem Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. We were on site during the event, which featured live music and booming commentary provided by Richie Schiff, the Vice President of Sales for Acme.

To build the monstrous creation, about 40 pounds of cream cheese, 30 pounds of Acme’s Nova Scotia Smoked Salmon and mountains of tomato, onions and capers were used. When completed, the bagel measured 36″ wide and 13″ tall. As you can imagine, it required a bit of elbow grease to weigh the bad boy, which clocked in at exactly 213.75 pounds. See more photos of the record breaking bagel here, and read up on the history of the New York City bagel.