6. World’s Largest Collection of Pizza Boxes: 1000+ Boxes

Photo by Michael Berman courtesy Scott’s Pizza Tours

Self-described as a “full-time pizza enthusiast,” Scott Wiener is the mastermind behind Scott’s Pizza Tours, “New York’s Cheesiest Guided Tour.” What started off as a simple love for the cheese-loaded carb has now turned into an obsession for him. In addition to running his pizza tours with the help of a team of “pizza spirit guides,” Wiener writes an award-winning column for Pizza Today, judges pizza in culinary competitions and frequently appears on television shows/publications.

In 2013, he broke the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest collection of pizza boxes, currently housed in his Brooklyn apartment. At the time, he had amassed 595 boxes, but that collection has grown significantly since then. Today, he owns over 1000 boxes from 55 different countries. Within this collection, you can find everything ranging from variations of traditional boxes to a high-tech container that works with an iPad to allow people to play a pizza-themed video game. Perhaps his most notable item is the world’s largest usable pizza box, which measures 54″ by 54.”