While it seems as though every possible food exists in New York City, from ramen burgers and sushiritos to spaghetti donuts and chocolate pizza, there are still some worthwhile off-menu items hidden at restaurants around the city. It’s true that some secret menus and dishes are not-so-secret anymore, but they remain delicious and ordering them still ignites that fun, insider feeling.

Whether you’re looking to impress some out of town friends or just weary from having to choose between a burrito and a quesadilla, this list will reveal some dishes and tricks worth trying the next time you dine out:

1. Sicilian Meatballs, ACME

Image courtesy ACME

While this French-Italian bistro already has a spicy pork meatball appetizer on its dinner menu, its secret Sicilian meatball dish seems to sell out just as quickly to those in the know. In early 2016, the menu underwent a serious overhaul and revitalization by Italian-American chef Brian Loiacono, who brought signature recipes along with his French influenced training.

Located on West 3rd between Broadway and Lafayette, just a few streets from Washington Square Park, ACME offers classic Italian fare from cacio e pepe to a brick chicken with Taggiasca olives. Its off-menu Sicilian meatballs, accredited to Loiacono’s grandmother, are served as a combination of veal, lamb, and pork with pomodoro sauce and fresh basil. Although they are occasionally unavailable, it’s definitely worth asking about this secret specialty.