4. Quesarito, Chipotle

There are definitely tips and tricks to getting the most and the best combinations out of a Chipotle meal, but so far one of the best off-menu creations is the quesarito. The idea is simple: take a plain cheese quesadilla and use it as the tortilla to wrap a regular burrito. The reward is great, melted cheese and a heftier burrito, but there are some negative aspects of the quesarito to consider.

First, the restaurant chain has picked up on what is basically two meals being sold for the price of one (a cheese quesadilla and a burrito) and has subsequently added a $3.50 charge to those who order the off-menu item. Second, Chipotle employees have admitted enormous disdain towards making the quesarito, namely because it disrupts the assembly line and is piping hot and difficult to prepare. So, while it is a delicious meal, customers will have to decide for themselves whether the quesarito is worth the extra $3.50 and the fury of a Chipotle employee.