9. The “Billionaire’s Menu,” Delmonico’s Restaurant

Founded in 1837 in the Financial District, Delmonico’s Restaurant on 56 Beaver Street began as a small coffee and pastry shop run by two brothers. Now, it is a historic fine dining establishment famous for its steak and 20th century decor, as well as credited with employing the chef who created dishes such as the Baked Alaska, Lobster Newburg, and Eggs Benedict. But Delmonico’s has a secret.

Previously known to the restaurant’s wealthier clientele but now extending to us plebs, the secret “Billionaire’s Menu” offers several high priced dishes such as a gold-leaf topped milkshake and the Black & Gold Half-Moon Cookie. Other dishes off the menu include a $100 grilled cheese prepared with in-house cured bacon and black truffle shavings and a $150 flatbread topped with Wagyu beef, lobster, more black truffle shavings, and edible gold-leaf. It’s excessive and decadent, but when and where else can one order an off-menu flatbread and milkshake literally covered in gold?