New Yorkers have a particular obsession with skybridges. When built, they represented an architectural vision for the city’s future. Now, many of them are a historical window into the builders of the past. New skybridges are a rare find, so we’re beyond excited to offer a tour on April 7th just for Untapped Cities Insiders of the American Copper Buildings, two stunning residential towers on Manhattan’s East Side designed by SHoP Architects and developed by JDS Development Group. The towers are connected by a three-story skybridge –the first major skybridge construction in New York in 80 years – that contains an indoor lap pool and lounge. This means you can literally swim from one tower to another! This tour will be led by Ayumi Sugiyama, Director of​ Cultural Projects at SHoP and lead architect on the American Copper Buildings.

American Copper is the tallest copper-clad building in the world. The approximately 800-unit luxury rental community reaches 41 and 48 stories in height, with the iconic sky bridge connecting the two towers. Apartments offer sweeping views of the Empire State Building, East River and the Manhattan skyline.

On this tour, guests will learn about the innovative architecture of the American Copper Buildings and the redevelopment of a previously underutilized industrial site. Guests will visit the skybridge, the lobby, and see the model apartment units – of which there are hundred of unique layouts due to the slight askew angle of the towers.

This tour is free for Untapped Cities Insiders. Registration will open at 12 PM EST today.

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