1. NYPD Motorcycles

Photo: Ed Reed/Mayoral Photography Office

A Harley-Davidson isn’t just reserved for bearded motorcyclists. The NYPD Highway Patrol began in 1911 with the creation of the agency’s first motorcycle squad, which was established to patrol and maintain safety on limited-access highways. Prior to its formation, the NYPD “Bicycle Squad” was tasked with catching horse-drawn carriages, but the advent and proliferation of automobiles made it virtually impossible for officers catch determined speeders using a bicycle (though it’s humorous to picture).

“To become a member of the NYPD’s Highway District you have to complete several months of training covering everything from motorcycle skills, to collision investigation, to shotgun use,” said Police Commissioner O’Neill of the job. “As a result of your efforts and skills you now belong to one of our oldest and most storied specialized units.”

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